Executive Board



Executive Board

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2016 - 2017


Name: Trey Takara
Pledged: Spring 2014
Previous Positions: Director of Operations, Pledge Class President
Class & Major: Junior, Accounting & Japanese
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Experience & Activities: Tax Consulting, Deloitte Tax LLP, Finance Analytics/Underwriting Intern, Liberty Mutual Insurance; Finance and Accounting Intern, Nordic PCL Construction; Budget and Communications Analyst II, Seattle University College of Science and Engineering; Seattle University OIT Help Desk Analyst
Goals: I'd like to build upon our chapter's strong network by forging relationships with fellow student groups and the amazing faculty/administration here at Seattle University. I also want to create a strong reputation for our chapter beyond SeattleU--establishing partnerships with local businesses and corporations in order to maximize opportunities for brother members.

Executive Vice President

Name: Farin Fukunaga
Pledged: Fall 2014
Previous Positions: Master of Rituals
Class & Major: Sophomore, Business Economics Major
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Experience & Activities: Assistant, Lee Financial Group; Desk Assistant at Seattle University Housing
Goals: Achieve 100,000 points on the ACR (Perfect performance)

Vice President of Membership

Name: Maggie Gronberg
Pledged: Fall 2015
Previous Positions: Pledge Class Vice President
Class & Major: Junior, Economics w/ Minor in Finance
Hometown: Duvall, Washington
Experience & Activities: Intern for US Senator Maria Cantwell; King County Finance and Business Operations Internship; SU's Bellarmine Advising Center; Ann Taylor Loft.
Goals: Create a more cohesive and inclusive chapter and evolve the pledging process to be more efficient and effective.                                                                                                                                                                         

Vice President of Alumni Relations

Name: Mark Kim
Pledged: Fall 2015
Class & Major: Junior, International Business Major
Hometown: Vancouver, Washington
Experience & Activities: Shin Estu America; Target Corp. 
Goals: Bridge relationships and use our alumni as a resource to connect and develop professionalism.

Vice President of Finance

Name: Wesley Kamikawa
Pledged: Spring 2014
Previous Positions: Pledge Class Secretary, VP of Finance (2014-2015), Webmaster
Class & Major: Junior, Finance
Hometown: Kaneohe, Hawaii
Experience & Activities: Financial Analyst Intern, Amazon
Goals: Build more internal controls + create a standardized internal audit procedure for the Chapter's finances. Maintain a clear record keeping standard and documentation.

Vice President of Communication

Name: Alice Sun
Pledged: Spring 2015
Previous Positions: Pledge Class President
Class & Major: Sophomore, Accounting
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Experience & Activities: IT Analyst Bank of Hawaii; Seattle University ITS Help Desk; Nordstrom
Goals: Increase the Chapter's social media presence and better integrate the website into chapter operations.

Master of Rituals

Name: Zakary Kim
Pledged: Fall 2014
Previous Positions: Pledge Class Vice President, VP of Membership
Class & Major: Junior, Accounting
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Experience & Activities: Assurance at Ernst & Young; HOIDA at Housing & Residence Life; Lead Server at Oma Bap
Goals: Increase the relations between Gamma Omega and other chapters in the Pacific Northwest Region

Previous Executive Boards


2015 - 2016

President: Trey Takara
Executive Vice President: Katherine Gread
Vice President of Membership: Zakary Kim
Vice President of Alumni Relations: Katie Van Hoomissen
Vice President of Finance: Wesley Kamikawa
Vice President of Communications: Tanish Bhojwani
Master of Rituals: Farin Fukunaga

2014 - 2015

President: Cody Smith
Vice President of Performance: Yara Al Howar
Vice President of Membership: Amanda Cowden
Vice President of Alumni Relations: Elisabeth Ayres
Vice President of Finance: Daniel Verburg
Vice President of Communications: Karina Dahilig
Master of Rituals: Katie Hogan


President: Jeff Lee
Executive Vice President:
Vice President of Membership:
Vice President of Alumni Relations:
Vice President of Finance:
Vice President of Communications:
Master of Rituals:



President: Arielle C. Newcomb
Vice President of Performance: Kuan-Lin Chen
Vice President of Membership: Nudhanai Lunchaprasith
Vice President of Alumni Relations: Amy Fallon
Vice President of Operations: Colin Hirai
Treasurer: Samantha C. Tran
Secretary: Yeajin (Jane) Park
Master of Rituals: Laura (Rose) Breeskin

2011 - 2012

President: Quy Dai "D.Q." Lam Quach
Vice President of Performance: Haley Henderson
Vice President of Membership: Hilary Taber
Vice President of Alumni Relations: Holly Cameron
Vice President of Operations: Colin Hirai
Treasurer: Brandon Hexsel
Secretary: Joyce Chan
Master of Rituals: Michael Velkov

Faculty Advisor

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2015 - Present

Name: Bryan Ruppert, PhD.



PhD, University of Birmingham (UK)
BA, Politics, University of Washington

Personal Bio

Bryan Ruppert has a PhD in discourse analysis and teaches communication in the Albers School. His primary research interest is in the roles of language in creating contexts and in building relationships. His most recent publications are in Business Communication Quarterly and the Journal of the Academy of Business Education. In addition to teaching, Dr. Ruppert also works with local businesses to help them become more aware of communication behaviors and to maximize their communication effectiveness.

Dr. Ruppert is the faculty advisor for Alpha Kappa Psi, Men's Club Soccer, and Toastmasters. Before starting his PhD, he was a political lobbyist in London, where he was responsible for writing briefing papers and building relationships with audiences that were potentially hostile to proposed legislation.

2013 - 2015

Name: Colette Hoption, PhD


PhD, Management, Queen's University
MSc, Queen's University
BA (Honours), Queen's University
BA, Queen's University

Personal Bio

Collete Hoption completed her PhD in Management at the Queen's School of Business in Kingston, Ontario. Her research interests include followership and leadership at individual- and dyad-levels of analyses, such as the bidirectional influence between leaders and followers over time. In addition, she has also conducted research investigating humor, proactive behavior, and aggression in the work place. 

2012 - 2013 

Name: Rubiná Mahsud PhD, MD

Rubina Mahsud

Curriculum Vitae


PhD, SUNY, Albany
MPh, SUNY, Albany
MS, Social Sciences, University of Birmingham
MD, Jinnah College, Pakistan

Personal Bio

Rubiná Mahsud joined Albers in 2007. Prior to Albers she held a visiting professor position at the Tobin College of Business Administration at St. John’s University, New York. Dr. Mahsud teaches in the areas of competitive strategy, blue ocean strategy, and leadership. Her recent work submitted to Strategic Management Journal tested a central issue in strategy: Why do some firms perform better than others? Her work specifically looks at strategic leadership actions in terms of policies, programs and systems with regard to firm level efficiency, innovation, and quality of human resource strategies resulting in a firm’s overall effectiveness. This is the first empirical research involving Fortune 500 companies to test how the three performance determinants jointly affect the financial performance of a firm. Her other research is in the area of institutional responsibility, and blue ocean strategy.

2008 - 2012

Name: Holly Slay Ferraro, PhD

Curriculum Vitae


PhD, Organizational Behavior, University of Maryland - College Park MA
MA, Human Resource Development, Western Michigan University
BChE, Chemical Engineering, University of Dayton
BS, Interdisciplinary Science, Wilberforce University

Personal Bio

Holly Slay Ferraro's current research examines the role of networks and identity in career transition decision making, career decision making at midlife/mid-career and the impact of demographic diversity on leadership attributions. She is especially interested in issues of professional identity and the influence that other identities (including race, gender, and organizational) may have on the construction of professional identity and the outcomes associated with professional identity. She recently published an article in Human Resource Management and a book chapter in the Handbook of Career Studies. Dr. Ferraro's research on midlife/midcareer transition won a Cutting Edge Award from Academy of Human Resource Development.