Fraternity Overview

Fraternity Overview

The Gamma Omega Chapter was installed on April 16, 1955. As of October, 2015 we have 30 members and hundreds of alumni all over the greater Seattle metropolitan area. 

Our chapter is comprised of several leadership positions: the Executive Board and Committee Directors.

We have the following leadership positions in our Gamma Omega Chapter, to find out who is currently holding a leadership position see our :

  • Executive Board
    • President
    • Vice President of Performance
    • Vice President of Membership
    • Vice President of Alumni Relations
    • Vice President of Communications
    • Vice President of Finance
    • Master of Rituals/Northwest Region Liasion
  • Committee Directors
    • Director of Finance
    • Director of Professionalism
    • Director of Operations
    • Director of Events
    • Director of Marketing
    • Director of Membership
  • Other Positions
    • Webmaster
    • Historian
    • Warden

To contact our chapter, please please use our contact form